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Stitch Website Design and Development Portfolio and Examples

A distinctive website will grow your business and enhance your customer experience.


We code or utilise website builders to construct a customised online space. The benefit of building a website using a platform is that this gives you the flexibility to edit your website as and when you require.


We can incorporate e-commerce functionality, back-end or inventory management, booking add-ons to name a few. We assist with hosting and setting up a domain and design.

Our offering also extends to setting up online shops on platforms such as Amazon and Takealot.

We design visual elements that reflect your brand’s style which will be used to enhance your website’s look and feel.

We utilise the Adobe suite to edit product photography and video.

Marketing is an important element to consider once your website is up and running. We assist with setting up and managing AdWords budgets and marketing budget plans in order to get your business discovered by the right people.

We create insightful and informative copy for your website. Story telling is an integral part of your customer’s journey.

We also write content for a blog or article space on your website.

Your website will evolve as your business adapts and as technology changes. Let us manage and keep your virtual presence up to date.

We Offer Out-Of-The-Box Online Website Solutions That Connect Your Business To Your Customers.


Stitch Website Design and Development Portfolio and Examples


Stitch Website Design and Development Portfolio and Examples


Stitch Website Design and Development Portfolio and Examples

Your online presence should be a reflection of your brand’s personality.

At Stitch Design, we take the three-dimensional aspects of your company and make it just as interesting on a two-dimensional screen.

  • Present your products and give customers a seamless shopping experience. 
  • Display your services and allow clients to easily make bookings or get in touch with you. 
  • Build a seamless customer experience that enhances your brand and grows your business. 
Stitch Website Design and Development

Hosting. Domains. Website Builders. SEO. Coding. File Types. Digital. Plug-ins. Social Media. Marketing. AI Technology. Adwords. Platforms. Email. Customer Journey. Terms & Conditions. Security.

We Keep It Simple.

Your business will evolve. So should your website.

We have certain packages available where we can build the website and then teach you how to use the tools to manage it.

This gives you the freedom to update your website as and when you need to make any changes. Let your clients discover you more easily online!